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Mannatech Associate

Our Commitment

Mannatech supports the activities of its Associates through a Compliance Program designed to ensure that all Associates conduct their businesses in accordance with Mannatech's Policies and Procedures. Employees, Associates, Mannatech, and any third person who has been affected by the conduct of an Associate can submit compliance questions, concerns, and Form 1 Reports to and/or the EthicsPoint Hotline.

Lost Report Passwords/Keys:

Please call the Compliance Report Status Line in the United States and Canada: 972-471-7222.

Corporate Ethics

Our Commitment

The Company has selected EthicsPoint to provide personnel and vendors alike with a simple tool to report unethical conduct, including violations of Mannatech’s Business Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics (on an anonymous basis, if they so desire). Personnel and vendors may also use this tool to obtain guidance when difficult questions arise.

To File a Report or Ask a Question by Telephone:

Call toll free at 866-292-4946 in the United States and Canada, or go to the list of International Toll-Free Phone Numbers.