Welcome to the Ombudsman of Fibria and Portocel.

Make sure the topic to be reported is within the scope of the Ombudsman:

When you contact the Ombudsman Channel, you can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous. However, we ask you to reflect, while reporting the occurrence, whether your identification will be important to analyze and find the adequate solution to that issue being reported.

The Ombudsman is unbiased and transparent, guaranteeing the confidentiality of reports received and preserving the identity of those involved.

No retaliation will be admitted for reports made in good faith. Any retaliation should be reported immediately to the Ombudsman.

All reports to the Ombudsman must be precise and correct and, whenever possible, backed by concrete facts and data. Therefore, remember to describe the occurrence as thoroughly as possible. Stick to reporting accurate facts, such as:

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where?
  • For what reasons?
  • What are the names of those involved? If there are witnesses, also inform their full names and, if known, their telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.

The more objective the report, the better!

Thank you for contacting us and for helping us to preserve the integrity of our workplace and our Company’s reputation around the world!


Under the prevailing legislation covering the European Union and Austria regarding Data Protection issues, any violation of the Code noted in that country must be reported directly to the responsible local bodies by employees working in Austria. This channel do not receives reports from that site.