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Where to Report:

EHS Matters:
Louis DiBerardinis,
Director, EHS
(617) 253-9389

Financial Matters:
Danielle Khoury,
Controller, VPF
(617) 253-4835

Human Resource Matters:
John Dunlap,
Director, Employee/Labor Relations and Compliance
(617) 258-8718

Information Systems Matters:
David LaPorte,
Director, Infrastructure Design & Engineering
(617) 324-4846

Research Matters:
Michelle Christy,
Director, OSP
(617) 324-9022

Michael Moody,
Institute Auditor
(617) 253-6275

Informal & Confidential Consultation:
Institute Ombuds Office
Toni Robinson, Ombudsperson
Judi Segall, Ombudsperson
(617) 253-5921

Would you know where to go if you had any of the following concerns?

  • "A situation in the office makes me uneasy"
  • "This transaction appears to be out of compliance with federal regulations."
  • "I’ve told the appropriate people, but nothing seems to have been corrected."
  • "I’m afraid to speak up."
  • "I don’t know who to ask."

MIT strives to create a safe environment for community members to report concerns about possible noncompliance with government or external agency regulations, related Institute policies, errors, or irregularities in MIT’s financial accounting practices or policies. The Institute takes employee concerns seriously and wants to work collaboratively on resolving such issues.

MIT’s Policies and Procedures serve the dual purposes of outlining MIT’s core values while promoting compliance to applicable laws and regulations. In addition, many offices are available to assist community members in finding the appropriate mechanism for this type of reporting. This reporting line service does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods on campus. Employees are encouraged to bring concerns to their supervisor or manager, a person of authority within the Institute’s organizational structure, or to an appropriate MIT office.

For those who do not want to report their concern through these channels, MIT has established an anonymous and confidential reporting system managed by EthicsPoint. All reports will be investigated promptly and discreetly by appropriate Institute staff, receiving careful consideration with the objective of addressing any improper conduct or violation of Institute policy.


To Report by Phone:


To Report Online:

Note: Any errors made in the selection of a topic or sub-topic will be corrected upon receipt

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