Welcome to Costco's Confidential Ethics Line

Toll-free Dialing Instructions:

If the country where you are located is not listed, then please make your report online through this web site. Please indicate in the report that dialing instructions for the country in which you are located are not available.

Costco Wholesale has established a confidential reporting procedure relating to concerns with or complaints about: Costco's accounting, auditing and internal controls; or anyone at Costco who has committed, is committing, or is about to engage in conduct that may be illegal.

This site is for reports regarding these issues or any other ethics or compliance concerns. It is for use by Costco employees and suppliers to Costco. Costco employees are encouraged to exercise the Company's "Open Door" policy before invoking this reporting mechanism.

Costco encourages the good-faith reporting of concerns regarding unlawful or other inappropriate activity. You are protected from retaliation or reprisal if you honestly make a report. If you believe that you have been subjected to retaliation for making a report, you may provide that information through this site as well.

Reports can be made anonymously if you prefer. Please include as much detail as possible to permit an investigation of the subject matter of your report. All reports will be reviewed by Costco's General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, who will either investigate the matter themselves or forward to the appropriate person(s) for review/investigation.

In addition, you can make a report in writing and/or provide documentation for your concern/complaint by addressing it to "Confidential Submission" and mailing to the General Counsel, Costco Wholesale Corporation, 999 Lake Drive, Issaquah, WA 98027.

Through this procedure, we seek to enhance our adherence to the Costco Code of Ethics:

  1. Obey the law
  2. Take care of our members.
  3. Take care of our employees.
  4. Respect our suppliers.
  5. Reward our shareholders.
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