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Integrity Line

Since Alcoa's 1888 beginnings, its businesses and international presence have evolved. Throughout our history, one critical defining aspect of who we are has remained unchanged -- that it, our commitment to conducting our operations, wherever located, with the highest integrity. Business and economic challenges ebb and flow, but the Values that define us, and which are the bedrock of Alcoa, have remained steady and strong. Every day, all Alcoans around the world are called on to demonstrate in our work Alcoa's Vision and Values in action. To help reinforce those principles, we established our Ethics and Compliance Program to communicate workplace ground rules and standards; to make available training in good business practices; and to provide a vehicle for raising questions and concerns when those arise.

As a supplement to our Integrity Line, which is available to employees and all stakeholders worldwide, we have established this site, which is operated by NAVEX, an independent company. Here you can ask a question, express a concern or raise an issue about workplace activities and business practices. All reported issues and concerns are promptly handed off to Alcoa's Ethics and Compliance organization for follow-up.

In addition to the telephone line and this site, employees always have available their supervisors, location management and HR or Legal Department representatives to respond to workplace concerns. However you come forward, we want to hear from you when issues arise, so that we can respond to them before they become significant problems.

Alcoa employees are expected to raise questions and report any conduct that they believe may be unethical or a violation of law. Employees who come forward are protected from retaliation for any report made in good faith.