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KBR is committed to providing our employees with a safe, ethical workplace. KBR's Code of Business Conduct is a guide for every Company Director, Employee and Legal Agent in applying legal and ethical practices to his or her everyday work. The Code of Business Conduct describes not only our standards of integrity but also some of the specific principles and areas of the law that are most likely to affect KBR's business.

Conducting KBR business with ethics and integrity is a key priority. In following the Code of Business Conduct, employees may not in any way accept, condone, or tolerate any instance of unethical behavior.

To help us comply with the principles reflected in the Code, KBR has selected EthicsPoint, an independent company that specializes in the handling of confidential and anonymous reporting of workplace and ethical issues and concerns. KBR values and encourages your input and, as indicated in the Code of Business Conduct, if you are aware of a violation, you must report it. Please note, KBR prohibits retaliation in any form for reporting, in good faith, suspected violations of the Code of Business Conduct.

EthicsPoint will report all information it receives to the KBR COBC Team on a confidential basis. You have the option to submit claims anonymously if you wish. KBR will review every submission received, and investigate all complaints; however, please be aware that credible witnesses who are willing to be identified and interviewed concerning personal knowledge of a situation often make the difference in whether an allegation can be substantiated and corrective action implemented.

You may submit a report 4 ways: 1) online; 2) over the phone; 3) via email; or 4) through the Director of Business Conduct PO Box.

  • To submit a report through this website, start by selecting "File a Report" above and then follow the simple instructions.
  • To submit a report by telephone from either within the United States or Canada or internationally, follow the simple instructions on the right side of this page.
  • To submit a report via email, address your concerns to
  • Or write to:
      Director of Business Conduct
      KBR, Inc.
      P.O. Box 2464
      Houston, TX 77252-2464

If you have a question about an issue that concerns you, you may select "Ask a Question" above and follow the simple instructions.

To access the Hotline by phone, select your country:

For individuals in the European Union, the Hotline only allows you to report concerns related to financial, accounting or auditing practices of the company, fraud or bribery allegations. If your concern pertains to other types of non-compliance issues, you are encouraged to report them to local management.