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Safety Values

  • "Safety First" is a Core Value at U. S. Steel.
  • We believe that ALL incidents and injuries can be prevented.
  • Safety is a personal responsibility. Management is accountable for results.
  • Employee engagement and training is essential.
  • Hazardous exposures can be eliminated or safeguarded.
  • Prevention of incidents and injuries is the right thing to do and is good business.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the U. S. Steel Safety Hotline?

The U. S. Steel Safety Hotline is one means way to report safety concerns or events that may affect U. S. Steel and/or its employees. It is hosted by EthicsPoint, Inc., an independent company.

Why should I use the U. S. Steel Safety Hotline?

Contact the Safety Hotline to report safety concerns or events.

Safety is U. S. Steel’s prime core value and one of the most important responsibilities U. S. Steel employees have is the obligation to raise safety concerns that may affect U. S. Steel and/or its employees. Remaining silent can cause irreparable harm to one or more individuals and adversely affect our operations or reputation. If you have a concern, you don’t have to go it alone.

What types of issues should be reported?

You should report any safety concern or issue, or suspected violations of the law, regulations, corporate policies and procedures. Examples of such issues include, but are not limited to:

--- Violation of a Life Threatening Program.
--- Unsafe condition.
--- Housekeeping issues.
--- Personal Protective Equipment concerns.
--- Procedure or practice violation.
--- Improper or poorly maintained tools and equipment.
--- Lack of or improper training.

What happens if I submit a report through the U. S. Steel Safety Hotline Internet site?

When you click to submit a report through the Internet, a series of prompts will guide you through the reporting process. When filing a report, you will be asked to provide the most detailed information possible about your concern, such as names of witnesses and potential victims of the safety issue or concern. You may choose to remain anonymous when submitting your report. (Due to European Union data protection rules, European-based reporters are encouraged to identify themselves when making a report.) If you choose to identify yourself, your identity will be provided only to those with a need to know so that we may contact you for clarity or advise you of the resolution. Everyone who receives such information is obligated to maintain confidentiality to the extent feasible.

Your report will be logged and forwarded to the appropriate investigator at U. S. Steel.

When submitting your report, you will be given a report key and asked to create a personal password. You will need this information to access the "Follow up on a report" feature of the Safety Hotline either through the Internet or telephone to review the matter you reported. If you lose your report key or password, you will be unable to follow up on your original report and will need to create a new report if you wish to provide additional information. You should follow up on your report within forty-eight (48) to seventy-two (72) hours. Please check back with the Safety Hotline to:

--- Check the accuracy of your report.
--- Provide additional information related to your report.
--- Respond to any follow-up questions that may have been posted.

Continued follow-up on a matter is particularly important for anonymous reports, where the investigator has no other means to communicate with you.

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