Compliance and Business Ethics

Welcome to the Itron Ethics Line

At Itron, we have always been committed to conducting our affairs with the utmost ethical integrity and adherence to applicable laws. With the acquisition of Actaris, we are now a truly global company, and our commitment to these ideals is more important than ever. We operate in an increasingly complex and rigorous regulatory environment, in which compliance and accountability are critical to our success.

To help ensure our ethical and legal compliance, Itron has created a Code of Conduct which describes the expectations we have set for our company and for ourselves. These standards apply worldwide to all Itron directors, employees, and temporary employees, as well as any subsidiary or affiliate companies that we own or manage. This Code governs how we should interact with each other, our clients, and our competitors.

We foster an environment of open, honest communication, and we encourage all employees to raise their questions or concerns and to report suspected violations of law or company policy without fear of retaliation. We encourage you to contact us because no one has better insight into what is happening within Itron than our people.

As part of our commitment to an ethical workplace and to ensure that Itron fulfills all legal obligations, we have partnered with Ethics Point to report and investigate possible violations of the Code of Conduct. Ethics Point is a secure and independent reporting resource which provides:

  • Confidential and anonymous reporting.
  • Online and telephone reporting.
  • 24-hour access, seven days a week.
  • Ability to file written reports in many languages.
  • Telephone translators that accommodate 150 languages.
  • The opportunity to follow-up on your concern, even if you report anonymously.
For more information on Itron's compliance and ethics policies, please review the documents located in the left-hand sidebar of this page. If you still have concerns or questions after reviewing these documents, please contact a member of the Itron Legal Department (in the United States, you can call 509-891-3504, in EMEA you can call 33 1 46 62 23 45, in LATAM you can call 55 19 3471 8431, and in APAC you can call 65 65 57 4436 or call the Itron Ethics Line at 1-866-ETHICSP. You may also use the toll free number for your country by clicking on "File A Report" above and then clicking on your own country.