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Our Commitment

AURA is committed to conducting our business with integrity. The IntegrityLine is designed to assist employees and others, including stakeholders (e.g., board members, suppliers, community), to report concerns and ask questions in a confidential and secure manner.

Our Expectations

It is the responsibility of all directors, officers and employees to report, in good faith, activity that may be a violation of applicable laws, regulations or AURA policy.

Seeking Guidance

The IntegrityLine is staffed by EthicsPoint, a third party vendor, and is available via telephone and online. You may follow up on the status of your report or question by using a confidential identification number that will be assigned to each caller or inquiry made online. You can report anonymously and in all instances, confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest extent possible. Disclosure may be necessary in some cases to effectively conduct an investigation or support legal proceedings. Retaliation against the individual contacting the IntegrityLine or participating in an investigation of a complaint violates policy and will not be tolerated.

Concerns can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week in English or Spanish.

Concerns can also be reported to the respective funding agencies Office of Inspector General Fraud, Waste or Abuse Hotline.

Ethics and Compliance Resources


Reporting Options

To access the IntegrityLine by phone:

  • Dial toll free within the United States:

  • Or click here for dialing instructions