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Message from the CEO, Paul Bay

To be successful in today's global marketplace, not only must we strive to be the best way to deliver technology to the world; we must do so by maintaining the highest ethical standards. Complying with the laws and regulations that govern our industry is a critical first step, but more so, it is expected that we do the right things, the right way, every day.

The Ingram Micro Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our compliance program. It is built on our company’s Tenets of Success; i.e. Results, Integrity, Imagination, Talent, Responsibility, and Courage.

Through the Code, we embrace these Tenets as we enhance the success of our business partners, associates, and investors.

Just as important as complying with the Code, all of us are responsible for immediately reporting any issue of legal and ethical compliance that we encounter. This hotline tool is made available to facilitate such reporting. You can also use it for raising questions about the Code and Company policies.

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NOTE: If you are a reseller of Ingram Micro and need sales or technical support please visit: If you are not a reseller but need sales or technical assistance, please contact our US Customer Service at (800) 274-4800

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This option is not to be used to report an issue but solely to request guidance from Ingram Micro on a specific question.

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For Individuals in certain countries like those of the European Union, Ingram Micro's hotline phone and web services only allow you to report, on a voluntary basis, limited types of issues in accordance with local laws (generally, financial, accounting, auditing, and corruption matters). Should you wish to report other matters, please contact your local Management, Human Resources or Legal Department.