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Our Commitment

At Adtalem Global Education (“Adtalem”) our vision is to be the world’s most extraordinary learning organization where students and colleagues thrive. As members of the Adtalem community, we, both students and colleagues have a shared commitment to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Our purpose in creating a Security Hotline and HelpSite is part of our goal to deliver Adtalem CARE by providing students and colleagues with the opportunity to report concerns relating to safety and security.

Adtalem seeks to promote a culture where students and colleagues are comfortable asking questions and raising concerns. Therefore, we do not tolerate retaliation against any students or colleagues who speak up in good faith. In situations where you prefer to place a report anonymously, you are encouraged to use the Security Hotline or HelpSite, hosted by a third party hotline provider, EthicsPoint.

The information you provide will be sent to the Adtalem Security Team by EthicsPoint. Your confidential report will be reviewed, investigated, and acted upon to the best of our ability.

Please see the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.