Follow-up on a Report Swiss Re's Group Code of Conduct Quick Reference Guide
ATTENTION! This webpage is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the Swiss Re website or intranet.

The Whistleblowing Hotline is available to anyone who wants to make a report about anyone connected with Swiss Re Ltd and all entities that it controls worldwide, including iptiQ, AccuQuote and Confianza ('Swiss Re'), as well as to Swiss Re third parties.

To Make a Report

The Whistleblowing Hotline gives you the choice to report in writing via this web form or orally by phone. Please select the relevant location first, after which the options and applicable phone numbers are displayed. Generally, all calls to the Whistleblowing Hotline are free of charge, however, in some circumstances international roaming charges or mobile network costs may apply.

If you encounter difficulty using a number provided, please try again using your location or country access code (eg, +41 for calls from Switzerland), followed by the number without the first "0". If for any reason you are still unable to connect, please try dialing from a landline, or submit your report in writing via the Online form on this page, or use one of the other available reporting channels. In this case, please include details about any connectivity issues within your report.

The information you provide will be sent to Swiss Re in a completely confidential manner.


Swiss Re is committed to acting with honesty, transparency, fairness and personal accountability. We encourage you to report any incidents if you suspect that someone inside, or connected with, Swiss Re is acting in a manner that could constitute misconduct.

We understand that it is not always easy to report your concerns in person. Swiss Re has therefore made this Whistleblowing Hotline available. The Whistleblowing Hotline, EthicsPoint, is a simple, confidential and secure reporting tool operated by NAVEX, an independent external company specialized in providing whistleblowing services throughout the world. It is available in several languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Swiss Re treats all reports of misconduct very seriously. We will respond to every report we receive and will keep all reports in confidence.

What to report?

We encourage you to report any suspected illegal or improper act (which we define as misconduct), whether by managers, employees, clients, suppliers, contractors or other stakeholders connected to Swiss Re.

How to report?

To make a report via this Whistleblowing Hotline, select your country location under the "To Make a Report" section of this page and follow the prompts for either making a report via telephone or written online form. If you prefer, you are able to make a report anonymously.

For a step-by-step explanation, please see the Quick Reference Guide.

As well as this Whistleblowing Hotline, Swiss Re has made several channels available for reporting suspected or actual misconduct. Please refer to Reporting Misconduct (Whistleblowing) at Swiss Re for more information.

Protection against retaliation

Swiss Re explicitly prohibits any form of actual, threatened or attempted retaliatory action against anyone who either reports suspected misconduct with a reasonable belief that the information is true, or who assists with investigations arising from such reports.

Any substantiated breach of this prohibition on retaliation will result in disciplinary and potentially legal action.

False reporting

It is prohibited for an individual to file a report knowing it to be false. Any such malicious reporting will result in disciplinary and potentially legal consequences.

Further information

Please see the Whistleblowing Hotline FAQs and the Quick Reference Guide documents as well as the publicly available page Reporting Misconduct (Whistleblowing) at Swiss Re for more information.

For anyone with access to Swiss Re`s internal systems, you should familiarise yourself with the Global Standard on Whistleblowing or your applicable local Targeted Standard.