Welcome to the Lam Research Ethics Helpline

Lam is committed to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner, consistent with our Core Values. The Ethics Helpline is available to anyone who wants to ask questions about, or report potential violations of, Lam’s Code of Conduct, other policies, regulations, or laws. Anyone, including employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers may report a concern related to potential misconduct involving Lam.

Our Ethics Helpline is hosted by EthicsPoint (a third-party vendor). EthicsPoint will send us the information you provide on a confidential basis, and anonymously if you choose, where permitted by law.

When a report is made anonymously to the Ethics Helpline, even the Ethics & Compliance team cannot view your identity. If you choose to identify yourself, we will still treat your report confidentially.

We take your concerns seriously and retaliation against anyone who raises an allegation in good faith is strictly prohibited.

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.

Learn more about Lam’s commitment to ethics by reading the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Reporting Process

When you share a concern with us, you have our commitment we will handle it discreetly, involving only those needed to review and/or remediate your concern. The graphic below provides a high-level overview of the reporting process.

When you make a report, you can either identify yourself, or from most locations you can choose to remain anonymous. After you voice your concern, you can expect to hear from Ethics & Compliance or Employee Relations within five business days.
Based on the information you provide, we will assign your case to Ethics & Compliance or Employee Relations who will develop an action plan to look into your concern.
Ethics & Compliance or Employee Relations compiles information about your concern, conducts interviews with you and others as appropriate, and gathers company policies and documents as needed.
Ethics & Compliance or Employee Relations reviews the relevant materials to make factual conclusions and recommend any appropriate action.
You’ll hear from Ethics & Compliance or Employee Relations when the review is complete. You can share feedback about your experience here.

Note: this is a high-level process overview which may vary depending on the location and nature of the concern.