WTW Hotline

Willis Towers Watson Our Commitment

WTW brings a unique approach to the market – both in what we deliver and how we deliver it. We operate completely above-board — no bribes, no kickbacks, no winks, no nods, no verbal sleights-of-hand or under-the-table dealings. It’s simple.

Our global policies support ethical behavior, which aligns to our values. If you have concerns about behavior that doesn’t meet our standards, you should feel comfortable speaking up without fear of retaliation. To do this, you may report concerns directly to your manager or any leader. In addition, all WTW colleagues have access to and can report concerns through our WTW Hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Concerns may be submitted anonymously in any jurisdiction that allows for anonymous reporting. See our Whistleblowing Policy for more information about speaking up against unethical behavior.

We comply with the laws in the countries where we operate, international laws such as sanctions and export control legislation, our Code of Conduct and our policies supporting the Code of Conduct. It’s part of your job here to know them and follow them. If you have questions about any of them, talk to your manager, Legal, Compliance, Excellence or Risk. All of those people are there to help you do the right thing. Use them, they’ll guide you in the right direction.