ATTENTION! This webpage is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the ADVA Optical Networking website or intranet.

Ethics and Compliance Helpline

Integrity is at the core of who we are. This is something that we pride ourselves on.

For us to be successful in the marketplace, we must make sure that we comply with all laws and regulations and deriving internal policies that govern the business operations in all countries where ADVA Optical Networking and its subsidiaries and affiliates ("ADVA") do business ("Compliance").

If situations arise where you believe Compliance violations have occurred ("Violations"), ADVA wants you to speak up. In doing so, you are encouraged to contact our Management, Compliance Department or ADVA's Ombudsman, an external, neutral intermediary.

ADVA also partnered with EthicsPoint, a third party service provider, to adopt this Ethics and Compliance Helpline ("Helpline") supporting simple, risk-free, anonymous and confidential reporting of Violations. This Helpline can also be used for questions regarding the ADVA Group Code of Conduct and its application to certain business situations.

Any report and question ("Report") filed through this Helpline will be forwarded to the appropriate corporate officer at ADVA for investigation and response. Please allow 3 to 5 business days before following up on your Report. ADVA guarantees that all Reports will be taken seriously and handled confidentially. Any form of retaliation or threat thereof is subject to sanctions and should be reported immediately.

Please Note

EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service: Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

General Comments

  • When submitting a report, ADVA recommends identifying yourself to support investigations. Your data remains confidential.
  • An automated report key will be generated once you submit your report. This key allows you to follow-up on your Report.