Ethics HelpLine

"We are a business whose success rests firmly on the quality and character of our people. That’s why, as a firm, we have for decades put strong emphasis on values, ethics, and compliance with the law. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in a culture centered on doing the right thing for our clients, our communities, and each other."

-Horacio Rozanski, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ethics and Compliance Hotline?
Booz Allen’s HelpLine is available for you to ask questions and report any concerns about potential issues arising from Booz Allen’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.

What type of questions can I ask via the Ethics HelpLine? Can I pose a question anonymously?
You can use the Ethics HelpLine to ask questions related to the firm’s Ethics Program, the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, firm policies or compliance requirements related to your work for the firm. You can also ask questions directly to:

  • Ethics & Compliance (
    • HR or Employee Relations
    • Security Services
    • Regulatory Compliance
  • Any attorney in the Legal Department
  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Joel Katz at 917-305-8085
You can pose a question anonymously if you prefer when using the Ethics HelpLine. If you ask a question anonymously, you should contact the Ethics HelpLine (either via phone or the secure web site) to obtain your response. If the firm needs additional information to provide a response, it will use the Ethics HelpLine system to provide it to you.

Does management really want me to report concerns?
We certainly do. In fact, you are required to report observed or suspected ethics or compliance violations. You may have knowledge of an activity that could put the firm or our clients at risk. Your reporting can minimize the potential negative impact on the firm, our clients and your fellow employees.

I am concerned that if I file a Report or participate in an investigation, I will be retaliated against. What will the firm do to protect me from any type of retaliatory action?
Booz Allen does not tolerate retaliation against any employee who in good faith raises a question or concern or reports suspected misconduct related to the firm’s business or the conduct of any of its directors, officers, employees, clients, suppliers, or subcontractors. Our commitment to non-retaliation is a cornerstone of our Ethics Program. It assures you that in posing any question, raising any concern, or reporting misconduct, you will not suffer any negative consequences for doing so—period. Anyone who violates the firm’s Mandatory Reporting and Non-Retaliation Policy is subject to disciplinary consequences, up to or including termination of employment.