Open, Honest Communications: At BrandSafway we encourage you to speak through the channel you are most comfortable with, whether that is through our Ethics Hotline, your local HR manager, or a member of the Ethics and Compliance team at

Confidential: Reports received are considered confidential and are sent to the BrandSafway Ethics and Compliance group by this third-party provider for investigation. If you disclose your identity in making the report, it will be kept confidential and reported only to appropriate investigators. See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.

No Retaliation: BrandSafway prohibits retaliation in any form against anyone who raises an ethics or compliance concern in good faith.

Investigations: BrandSafway is committed to conducting prompt, fair, and impartial investigations in compliance with all applicable laws and company policies. Employees are expected to cooperate with investigations and maintain confidentiality.

To learn more about our commitment to Integrity, visit our Integrity Page.



"Integrity and Compliance are the foundation of everything we do. At BrandSafway, we are committed to honesty, fair dealing, mutual respect and the highest ethical standards. We encourage you to speak up regarding ethics, discrimination or harassment matters, and to report suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, our policies and other applicable laws and regulations."

– Imran Hayat, EVP, Chief Compliance Officer