Berkshire Hathaway Web Reporting Site

The ongoing success of Berkshire Hathaway is dependent upon our employees conducting business with integrity and in full compliance with regulations, legislation, and our own corporate operating policies and procedures. Ethical and compliant business behavior that reflects our corporate values is right for our employees, right for our customers, right for our stakeholders, and right for our business. Berkshire Hathaway depends on you to safeguard our organization's reputation and protect us from financial and legal harm. If you have observed employee misconduct, speak up!

Berkshire Hathaway has provided this website to enable you to report your concern in a confidential manner. In Europe, this reporting program may be used only for the report of issues relating to internal controls in the areas of finance, accounting, banking and anti-corruption. In submitting a report, we strongly encourage you to identity yourself and to provide as much detail as possible regarding your allegation. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with European data protection laws. If your allegation or concern regards an area other than outlined above, please contact local management or human resources.

To submit a report, or to follow up on a report already submitted, please select from the links below. You will also find a link to Berkshire Hathaway's Code of Conduct. Your report will be handled promptly and confidentially as long as it is submitted in good faith.

Berkshire Hathaway strives to operate with the utmost integrity, and we thank you for coming forth to help protect our organization for the short and long term.

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