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Hi'ikua Student Helpline

Caring for the well-being of our beloved children

Kamehameha Schools (KS) makes every effort to meet the academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs of its haumāna in all education programs. If you or someone you know is struggling in school or dealing with life challenges, use the KS Hiʻikua Student Helpline. This helpline is a confidential means available for you to report activities that may present physical danger or social – emotional harm to you or another student. If you are experiencing or witnessing one or more of the following, use the Hiʻikua Student Helpline.

Would you like to ask a question or file a report via phone?

Call 1-844-284-2640

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

The Hi’ikua Student Helpline is NOT a crisis counseling resource:

For students or families who need support related to depression or suicide, please contact one of the resources below:

  • State of Hawaiʻi Crisis Line: (808) 832-3100
  • National Crisis Text Line: 741741
  • National Suicide Hotline: 988
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Did something happen? Report it

    Kamehameha Schools is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all members of the campus community. If you see something — or if something happens to you — that puts the health or safety of people and property at risk, we need to hear from you.

    If you are experiencing or witnessing one or more of the following, please file a report:

    • Harassment, intimidation or bullying
    • Sexual harassment
    • Violence or threats of violence
    • Safety and Well-Being (non-crisis)
    • Drug or alcohol use or addiction
    • Other (for example: Theft and Misuse of School Electronic Devices, including computers)

    No retaliatory action will be taken against you for reporting or asking in good faith.

    Four ways to make a report

    The Hiʻikua Student Helpline is one of many resources you can use to report or seek guidance. We encourage you to contact:

    1. A counselor
    2. A KS school administrator (vice principal, principal, hope poʻo kula, poʻo kula, educational coordinator, or the executive vice president of education)
    3. The director of student health services
    4. However, if you are more comfortable filing a report directly or you wish to be anonymous, please use the Hiʻikua Student Helpline.

    Why use the Hiʻikua Student Helpline?

    Hiʻikua Student Helpline is administrated by a third party, EthicsPoint, to keep everything confidential. You may use this EthicsPoint website or place a toll-free phone call to a live EthicsPoint operator. When reporting, you may identify yourself or choose to remain anonymous, in which case your identity will not be recorded or traced.

    Ready to make a Hiʻikua Student Helpline report? Follow these steps

    1. Start filing your report here online. All reports submitted to KS through the Hiʻikua Student Helpline will be addressed promptly, consistently, and discreetly.
    2. Please retain your report key and password.
    3. Return to this website within 10 days of filing a report to check for communication regarding case status or communication requesting additional information pertaining to your report. Please note that we may need additional information from you in order to proceed.

    Mahalo for the opportunity to address your concerns, and for helping us provide a safe learning environment that will make all of us proud.