ATTENTION!This website is hosted on EthicsPoint’s secure servers and is not part of the Counsyl, Inc. website or intranet.

Counsyl’s Commitment

Counsyl is committed to creating a culture of integrity and compliance while fostering open, honest communications with our employees, patients and customers. Counsyl takes violations of federal and state law, and of Counsyl’s internal policies, very seriously. While employees, patients and customers are always welcome to report any concerns to Counsyl directly, we also want to provide a secure method for reporting potentially illegal or unethical activities on an anonymous basis.

We encourage you to use this web reporting and hotline system to submit such reports confidentially and anonymously. Please note this reporting system is only intended for compliance or other legal or ethical violations, not for other feedback. EthicsPoint, a third party not affiliated with Counsyl, facilitates this web reporting and hotline system. As a third-party hotline provider, EthicsPoint receives the information you provide and sends it to an investigator within Counsyl who can impartially investigate your report. If you choose to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint will send the information to Counsyl on a strictly confidential and anonymous basis. Regardless of how you choose to report an issue, we guarantee your comments will be heard.

If you are a patient or customer of Counsyl with general comments or questions about our products, services, billing, or other inquiries of a general nature, please contact Counsyl at 1-888-268-6795 or

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.

To Make a Report

You may use either of the following two methods to submit a report:

  • Select the "Make a Report" link at the top of this web page.
  • OR
  • Dial toll-free, within the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada: 844-258-2210

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.