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Ethics and Integrity at Dell

Integrity is one of Dell’s key shared values. We all work hard every day to create and deliver technology solutions and services that drive human progress. In order to accomplish this goal it’s important that the actions we take are transparent and honorable. Our Code of Conduct, outlines the behaviors that help us win with integrity each and every day.

This site can be used to submit a question, report a concern or misconduct and allows you to follow up on an existing report. Where allowed by law, this may even be done anonymously. It is very important to us that you understand all guidelines and expectations associated with reports of misconduct at Dell. Please select the Frequently Asked Questions section in the toolbar above to review this and other important information.

For any HR related concerns please submit a report using the MyHR Portal.

Should your concern be around misuse or potential loss of personal information (PII), then you must immediately contact Cybersecurity@Dell.com.

We want to ensure that our conduct meets the highest legal and ethical standards, and we can only do that if people have the courage and commitment to come forward. Your concerns will be taken seriously and an appropriate investigation will be conducted. Note: Dell prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises an issue in good faith or cooperates in a company investigation. Please inform the Global Ethics & Compliance Office should you want to discuss potential retaliation concerns.

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