"One of the key initiatives that accompanies the Code is our new Ethics Helpline. To protect our Company, we expect our employees to report any activity that they may believe is inconsistent with our Code. Rest assured that every expression of concern will be investigated. We are committed to ensuring that no employee may suffer any retaliation in his or her employment for reporting any matter in good faith."

- Duncan MacLean, President & CEO

Follow Up

Welcome to MacLean-Fogg’s Ethics and Compliance Helpline

This Ethics and Compliance Helpline is a key component of MacLean-Fogg’s Commitment to Excellence, with our Employee Handbook and the Code of Business Practices and Ethics (the Code).

This tool is available to stakeholders such as employees, customers, dealers and suppliers, for asking questions or reporting possible violations of the Code, other policies, or applicable laws. You may choose to submit a report by providing contact information, which will be held in the strictest of confidence.

If you have concerns or questions about conduct which may violate or appear to violate the Code, you may discuss your concerns with your supervisor, any member of management, or any member of the legal department. You may also submit a question or a report via this website, or via the phone.

No employee using the Helpline will be punished for making a report in good faith. If you prefer, you may report anonymously. Your report will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law and consistent with enforcement objectives.

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