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Follow-up on an Existing Report

Our Commitment

Providing a positive work environment is our number one goal. We also support a culture of open communication, where ideas and concerns can be brought forward in good faith without fear of retaliation.

Perrigo encourages you to pursue two-way communication with your supervisor, department leadership, Human Resources or other trusted business leaders when you have a concern. Our policies, procedures and Code of Conduct provide guidance on who to contact for different topics. However, if you do not feel comfortable raising concerns through normal Perrigo channels, Perrigo provides NAVEX as a reliable, confidential, and anonymous communication tool for reporting issues of concern and/or violations of Perrigo's company policies in a timely manner (due to regulatory constraints, employees in certain countries may not be able to use the hotline to report concerns anonymously).

The primary purpose of the NAVEX Hotline system is to enable reporting concerns involving Financial Irregularities, accounting and financial reporting, internal controls or auditing practices, corruption or fraud, violation of law or regulation, etc. In some countries where it is permitted, Perrigo has also chosen to receive reports concerning violations of other company policies.

You will be directed to what type of reporting is permitted upon selecting the country in which the concern took place.

The good faith report of an incident or violation through NAVEX will not result in any sort of adverse employment action, unless an investigation uncovers a violation of policy on the reporting employee’s part.

Upon submission of your report, you will be provided with a unique access code and will be asked to generate a personal password. It is very important that you document these pass codes, as you will use them to follow up on your report.