Welcome to the Laureate Ethics Helpline

The Laureate Spirit—the energizing principle that drives us—is to be Here for Good. Acting ethically and in accordance with the law is at the core of who we are as well as a critical aspect of our success. Maintaining our integrity is more important than any financial gain.

An important element of that responsibility is asking questions when we are uncertain and raising concerns when we see something wrong. Raising questions and concerns allows us the opportunity to deal with issues and correct them, ideally before they become a violation of the Laureate Code of Conduct and Ethics or the law, or a risk to others.

The Laureate Ethics Helpline is a secure, confidential resource for Laureate employees, faculty members, students and others to ask a question or raise a concern related to the Laureate Code of Conduct and Ethics or other ethics or compliance issues. We appreciate your willingness to speak up.