Code of Ethical
Principles and Conduct
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PAHO Policy on the
Prevention and Resolution
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Zero Tolerance for
Fraud and Corruption
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Policy to Protect Against
Retaliation for Reporting
Wrongdoing or Cooperating
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Maintaining Integrity at PAHO

Welcome to the PAHO Ethics Help Line web site, administered by EthicsPoint, a world leader in ethics and compliance issues, located in Oregon, USA.

As an international public health agency, the Pan American Health Organization has no greater asset than the people who work diligently to further its goals and deliver results to the countries of the Americas. People make PAHO what it is, and everyone contributes to its successes and accomplishments.

Above all, the people who work for PAHO — as well as individuals and organizations that work with it ― must behave ethically, avoid conflicts of interest (or even the appearance of conflicts of interest), and use the Organization’s resources for legitimate business purposes only. Everyone has an inherent responsibility to safeguard PAHO’s values of integrity and respect and to ensure that others do not compromise these key values.

That is why your voice is important. PAHO relies on you to ask questions when you have an ethical concern and to speak up whenever a situation threatens the Organization’s values and reputation. When you speak up, you provide PAHO with the necessary information to take appropriate action and to remedy the situation.

Through this website, people working for PAHO or any other individual can submit a question on an ethical issue or file a report alleging misconduct or a failure to comply with PAHO’s Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct. All information provided in the report will be sent to PAHO’s Ethics Office by EthicsPoint and will be kept confidential to the extent possible. In submitting your report, you can disclose your identity or remain anonymous if you wish. You can also be assured that you will never be punished or suffer any form of retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith.

This website should not be used for an emergency or any matter that requires immediate attention. In case of emergency, please contact PAHO Security at Headquarters in Washington, D.C., at 1-202-974-3151, 24 hours a day.

Select from the list on the left to submit a report, ask a question, or follow up on a report you have already submitted. You may also to review PAHO’s Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct and other policies by clicking on one of the links above.