Code of Ethics FAQ

Integrity is one of Weyerhaeuser’s core values. This means we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. Speaking up about an issue or asking a compliance question contributes to the ethical conduct of Weyerhaeuser and is the right thing to do.

To report concerns or ask questions about potential violations of the code of ethics, company policies or the law, anyone can confidentially and anonymously use this avenue, EthicsOnline, or call EthicsLine at 800-716-3488. These resources are available in multiple languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are managed by NAVEX Global, an independent company contracted by Weyerhaeuser.

Privacy Notice: Any personal information you provide may be used to act on your report. If you choose to remain anonymous, you don’t need to provide your name or other identifying information. For details about how we use personal information, please visit

If you are faced with a situation that may not comply with our business ethics standards or may be unethical, inappropriate or illegal, speak up. First consider trying to resolve the concern directly with the person involved or through your local resources like your supervisor, other standard management channels or your human resources manager. If you are an employee whose concern is covered by a labor agreement, speak with your union representative and, where appropriate, follow the grievance process.

If your concern is not adequately addressed or resolved, or if it is an ethics or compliance matter, please contact Ethics and Business Conduct using this avenue or by calling EthicsLine. If you choose to remain anonymous, it is important that you clearly describe the situation and provide sufficient detail so your concern can be adequately addressed. NAVEX Global will forward your ethics or compliance question or concern to Weyerhaeuser Ethics and Business Conduct who will respond and work with the appropriate internal resource for an investigation and action.

Ethics and Business Conduct will protect the confidentiality of information provided to it to the maximum extent possible. Weyerhaeuser will not tolerate retaliation and will protect employees from retaliation when they raise, in good faith, business conduct issues or report alleged violations of company policy or the law.


After you submit your report, your will be assigned a report key. Please write your report key down, along with your password, and keep it in a safe place. After 3-4 business days, please use your report key and password to check back for follow up on your report.