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At Versum Materials, we are building a reputation forged on our values of passion, precision, purpose, partnership and performance. An essential part of “purpose” is always acting with the utmost integrity and the highest ethical standards. It’s essential that we keep the highest standards of integrity during all our business interactions. That means complying with the laws as well as Versum Materials’ policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures in every country where we operate. It also means being fair and honest—doing the “right” thing.

Versum Materials expects employees to report misconduct or ethics violations. There are several tools and resources to help you. If you have questions or doubts, or you need to report a Code violation, talk to your supervisor or manager. If you are not comfortable speaking to your manager, or if you’ve done so and are not satisfied with his or her response, you can seek help from any of the contacts listed on the Company’s website: versummaterials.com. At any time, you can also seek guidance or assistance from the Law Group, Corporate Audit, or any of the Company’s executives. And if you prefer to speak to someone outside of Versum Materials, the Ethics Hotline is available to you if you are in doubt about what to do, or whether an action is appropriate.

Remember, Versum Materials commits to a strict promise of non-retaliation against anyone who in good faith makes a report.

This is NOT an Emergency Service. Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

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