Welcome to the Roper Technologies
Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Speak Up!

Unethical and illegal activities can impact all of us. We rely on our employees and partners to bring concerns to our attention.

If you find out about any illegal or unethical activity that could cause loss or harm to you, coworkers, the company, shareholders or customers, Speak Up!

You can Speak Up through your local management, appropriate supervisory personnel, or the use of our Hotline.

Roper takes ethics and lawful behavior seriously.

At Roper Technologies, we take our Business Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct very seriously. We must not only focus on our performance and achievements, but also operate in a responsible, ethical, and lawful way.

Ethical behavior is everyone’s responsibility.

We are proud to work for such an exceptional company that strives to operate with integrity every day. I would like to thank everyone in the Roper family for continually working with the highest standards of ethics and conduct.

- Neil Hunn, President and CEO