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McDermott International Inc. Helpline

Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to come forward with your concern. McDermott International, Inc. has provided this website for you to securely and confidentially report and seek advice on ethical concerns, unethical behavior and policy violations. Your willingness to come forward is important to us.

We understand reporting concerns takes courage. Reporting in good faith and providing as much reliable information as you can is important. The Company will handle all inquiries discreetly and will protect your identity and confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. McDermott has a strict policy prohibiting retaliation of any type committed against anyone who submits a report in good faith.

A note about anonymity. You can submit your report anonymously, if you wish to do so. When deciding whether or not to report anonymously, consider the following: McDermott has found through past experience that anonymous reports are more difficult to investigate and frequently do not fully address the employee’s concerns and issues. For this reason, you are encouraged to identify yourself, so you can be contacted for additional information, if necessary. Your identity will be protected to the fullest extent possible.