The validity of NBCRNA's exams and the value of the CRNA credential depend on the confidentiality of test items and the appropriate conduct of examinees. If you observe any type of exam-related misconduct, either inside or outside the test center, it is your responsibility to report it either here or on our hotline.

  • Attempt to Disseminate Test Questions
  • Attempt to Purchase Test Questions
  • Discussion of Test Questions
  • False Identity
  • Proctor Misconduct
  • Theft of Test Questions
  • Unauthorized Materials
  • Other

This service is not staffed by NBCRNA employees, and your reporting can remain completely anonymous if you so choose.



NBCRNA's ability to respond to your report depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. The best and easiest way to report your concerns is to call the hotline. A specially trained operator will confidentially document your concern for you and make sure all the important details are included.



When submitting a report please complete all screens of the Web Report Form and provide all required information - required fields are noted by an asterisk (*). No information will be transmitted until you click the submit button on the final review page.



The Network does not track visitors to this web site. You can choose to provide your name or remain anonymous where permitted by data privacy laws.



Even though The Network takes every report we receive seriously, we are not an emergency service. Please contact your local emergency services if you need to report a critical situation.