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Our Commitment

The University of North Texas Health Science Center is committed to maintaining an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, and not the exception. We strive for students, employees and patients to feel empowered to turn integrity into action by voicing concerns when something is not in the best interest of our community. Our commitment as a community flows from our core values and dedication to creating healthier communities.

Your input is highly valuable and you have our guarantee that your concerns will be heard. This is why we have engaged a third party, NAVEX Global to provide you with a simple and risk free reporting tool, EthicsPoint to serve as a resource for information and guidance on matters you might feel reluctant to address through other methods of communications. In addition to using the EthicsPoint helpline to seek general guidance, you also have the option to address issues of concerns relating but not limited to misconduct or violations of law or institutional policies and procedures. Our Ethics and Standards of Conduct, contains general guidelines for accomplishing our mission with the highest standards of ethics.

Any Information you provide will be given careful attention by the Chief Compliance Officer at UNT Health Science Center and thoroughly investigated on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose.
Reporters are encouraged to return to this web site after filling a report and use the Report Key assigned by the EthicsPoint and your private password to obtain status of the report. Additional information from you may be required in order to proceed with an investigation.

Confidentiality and No Retaliation

University of North Texas Health Science Center does not tolerate retaliatory action towards any person who in good faith reports or seeks guidance regarding any compliance concerns. Anyone known to engage in retaliation will be disciplined up to and including termination.

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.