San Diego Unified School District is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students, staff, and community members. The EthicsPoint (EP) reporting system is a safe space for our community to report concerns.

Prior to filing a report, please review our best practices for resolving concerns , which starts at addressing the concern directly at the site level.

What Happens When I Make a Report?

Your report will be documented in the District’s EP reporting system, which is managed by the Office of Investigations, Compliance & Accountability (ICA). A member of the ICA Compliance & Accountability team will review your report and contact you to acknowledge receipt, explain the resolution process and gather more information, if necessary.

ICA will then route the report to the proper district or site decisionmaker with the authority to resolve the concern. ICA will continue to track your report to ensure that your concern was heard and addressed appropriately.

After intake and documentation by ICA, reports filed by employees will be routed to the Department of Human Resources.

Will My Report Be Investigated?

Filing a report will not initiate an investigation. The District believes resolving concerns at the lowest possible level is the most expedient and effective way to reach an amicable solution.

The District takes violations of policies, laws, and regulations seriously. Unethical behavior, bullying, harassment, safety threats, and other misconduct will be promptly addressed in accordance with District policies and procedures. After consultation with the reporting party and others involved, the District will then make the determination whether a formal investigation is appropriate.

Sexual Discrimination & Harassment

Reports involving sexual discrimination and harassment will be routed to the Title IX Office, or you can contact the Title IX Office directly at (619) 725-7225 or

Charter Schools

Please be advised that this system is not used for reporting incidents about charter schools. Charter schools are independent educational agencies and are not operated by the District. Please contact the charter school directly to file a complaint and inform them of your concerns.


To report suspicious activity or a crime on or around schools or District sites, contact the San Diego Unified Police Department at (619) 291-7678 (24 hours a day) or email .

To Make a Report