The Nuance Ntegrity Helpline

At Nuance we Invent with Intelligence and Make What Matters. Thanks to our dedicated workforce, we are the pioneer and leader in conversational and cognitive AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life.

We are inventors – challenging constructs and seeing possibility where others do not. Nuance puts what’s next into practice. Our Code of Conduct explains how we are to act with integrity in all of our interactions – toward each other and with our customers, competitors, vendors, shareholders, government regulators, and the community at large.

Our Code of Conduct is a guide for making right decisions and taking the right actions in many different situations. The Code provides resources to help you when you have a question or concern.

Employees are expected to raise concerns about conduct which they believe in good faith to be unethical, dangerous or a violation of policy/law. All reports and complaints should be truthful and without ill intention. Nuance’s policies expressly prohibit any form of retaliation against employees who in good faith and for just purposes report any suspected improper, unethical or illegal conduct or activities.

When you submit the report, you will be issued a Report Key. Please save your Report Key and keep it in a safe place. We ask you to use this Report Key, along with a password of your choosing, to return to the website or telephone helpline (1-866-384-4277) regularly so that you may review the progress of the investigation.

If your report key or password is lost, please file a new report and reference within this report that it relates to another previously submitted.

To Make a Report