Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Hotline

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Your voice is so important in our Company. We rely on you to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our values and our reputation. When you do, you provide us with the information necessary to remedy the situation. You may also want to seek guidance or clarification about how our Policies apply to certain situations. Such situations may pertain to:

  • Our people, including equal opportunities, fostering a respectful workplace, diversity and keeping workplaces safe, secure & healthy
  • Our marketplace, including conflicts of interests, dealing fairly and honestly, including competition and antitrust, and working in global markets, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption, gifts and entertainment, sanctions, embargoes and export controls and anti-money laundering
  • Our Assets and Information, including respecting our intellectual property and that of others, protecting confidential information and data privacy, insider trading, using information and communications systems responsibly and safeguarding our assets.
  • Our Controls, including accurate financial records, managing our records, contract authorization and using the media and social media responsibly.
  • Our Communities, including being a responsible global corporate citizen, contributing to our communities and participating in the political process

When it comes to any of those issues, silence doesn't help. It hurts. Select from above to submit a report or inquiry, follow up on a report that has already been submitted or read our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.