TJX's culture is grounded on the principles of honesty, ethics and fairness. We rely on the talent and efforts of all of our Associates to help us live these principles every day. Acting unethically, illegally, or in violation of our Code can cause serious loss or harm to our organization, our Associates, and our customers. If you see or suspect misconduct, report it immediately to a manager or the HR Department.

Vendors/Suppliers/Factory Workers are also encouraged to make any reports of suspected violations of the law, our Vendor Code of Conduct, or our TJX Global Code of Conduct through this online portal or 800-859-6488. TJX will not tolerate any form of retaliation for complaints made in good faith.


We will not tolerate any form of retaliation or victimization of Associates for making good-faith reports of possible violations of the TJX Code of Conduct or the law. If you report a concern in good faith, you cannot be subject to any kind of adverse employment action because of the report; in particular, you cannot lose your job, be demoted, be suspended, or lose benefits.


When submitting a report please complete all screens of the Web Report Form and provide all required information - required fields are noted by an asterisk (*). No information will be transmitted until you click the submit button on the final review page.


We do not track visitors to this web site. You can choose to provide your name or remain anonymous where permitted by data privacy laws.


Even though EthicsPoint takes every report seriously, it is not an emergency service. Please contact your local emergency services if you need to report a critical situation.

Follow-Up on a Report

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If you do not have an EthicsPoint report key and password, your organization may have recently switched service providers. Please click continue to file a follow-up.