Viatris Compliance Line

“We promote an organizational culture of prevention, detection and resolution of any conduct that does not conform to law or the organization’s ethical and business policies. We are here to help.”

-David Bayles, Chief Compliance Officer
Report a concern Speak up regarding actions or behaviors you believe are inconsistent with our Code. Call us Speak directly to a communication specialist in your own language regarding your concern. Follow up Check the status of an existing concern. FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Things you need to know about Viatris Compliance

Who can I speak to?

Employees must report concerns to a supervisor or manager, an HR representative, the Viatris Legal department, any member of the Compliance department, or Viatris’s Compliance Line.

What is the Compliance Line?

It is a confidential channel through which you can raise concerns about ethics, compliance or Viatris’s Code of Conduct. Reporters may choose to remain anonymous if they do not wish to identify themselves.

Who administers the Compliance Line?

The Compliance Line is administered by an independent company (NAVEX), is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can accommodate calls in more than 75 languages.

What happens after I contact the Compliance Line?

Once you submit a concern via phone or web, you will receive a report key and password which can be used to follow up on your submission. Then, an electronic summary is sent to a member of the Viatris Compliance team for review and to determine further action.

What is Viatris's stance on retaliation?

Retaliation for reporting a concern in good faith is strictly prohibited, and should be reported.

Are reports to the Compliance Line secure and confidential?

Viatris uses NAVEX's EthicsPoint case management application to support the administration of the Compliance Line. EthicsPoint is hosted on NAVEX's secure servers and is not part of Viatris’s website or Intranet. Any report you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible consistent with law and good business practices.