About the Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Legend Biotech values responsibility and integrity in all our business dealings and strives for the highest standards of corporate conduct. In support of these values, we have established this Legend Biotech Compliance and Ethics Hotline.

The Legend Biotech Compliance and Ethics Hotline is a web and phone-based intake system provided by Legend Biotech USA Inc. and its affiliates to our employees, former employees, customers, contractors, vendors, suppliers as well as patients, healthcare providers, organizations and others for reporting suspected or actual violations of laws or regulations, the Legend Biotech Code of Conduct and Standards of Conduct Policy (available for US employees only).

Use of the Hotline is voluntary. Reports can be made anonymously, where legally permitted. However, we encourage that you identify yourself and provide as much detail as possible so that we may conduct a thorough investigation and take corrective action as appropriate.

Please see the Legend Biotech Compliance and Ethics Hotline Privacy Notice for more information regarding how we process personal data and other information in response to any Hotline report.

See the Hotline FAQs for more information.