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The Adecco Group promotes a company culture that encourages socially responsible conduct and is committed to compliance with the law. This culture will protect our company from the consequences of legal and compliance failures.

We welcome the opportunity to respond to your questions, concerns and requests for assistance. Please call the ACE Line at (800) 279-6315 within the United States and Canada. Outside the United States and Canada, please go to the "Call the ACE Line" page for dialling Instructions.

Alternatively, colleagues, associates, candidates and clients, providers and other third parties may report directly to the Board of Directors allegations of fraud and suspected violations of the law, the Group policies, the procedures or ethical standards of conduct by the Adecco Group or any of its employees or agents.

You may make a report to the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG by calling: (800) 422-3152 within the United States and Canada. Outside the United States and Canada, please use your country's AT&T Direct access code, and then dial (800) 422-3152.

You may also write to the following address:

EthicsPoint, Inc.
Adecco Group
PO Box 230369
Portland, OR 97281-0369
United States of America

Calls and written correspondence made to the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG via the phone numbers or address provided above will be received 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a third-party service provider with whom Adecco Group has contracted to receive such messages on Adecco Group's behalf. When the third party-service provider receives either a telephone call or written correspondence directed to one or more members of the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG, the third party-service provider will forward the messages to Adecco's Group Compliance Reporting Office who reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. The Group Compliance Reporting Office will then review the call reports and written correspondence to facilitate the delivery of such correspondence to the respective member of the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG and may recommend, if any, action that should be taken in response to the correspondence or call reports. Depending of their nature, call reports or correspondence will be forwarded to the intended member(s) of the Board of Directors.

ACE Line Reporting Guidelines

Guidelines to Reporting to the “Adecco Compliance and Ethics” Line

The Adecco Group is committed to conducting its business affairs according to both the values stated in its Code of Conduct and the applicable laws and regulations in those places where Adecco does business. Adecco’s reputation is determined by the way each employee conducts his/her respective work duties. Illegal or improper behavior by even a single employee can cause Adecco considerable harm.

Adecco promotes a culture that encourages people to seek guidance, to raise any concerns they have relating to possibly improper business conduct, and to report any actual or suspected misconduct. Conducting an effective investigation allows Adecco to support the fair and consistent enforcement of workplace rules and to take immediate action to prevent further inappropriate behavior. These inquiries may lead to improvements in internal controls, business processes and practices, as well as the protection of Adecco’s financial and legal interests.

Internal Lines of Communication

Adecco strives to develop a culture that produces conscientious and ethically minded employees who are committed to integrity, honesty, transparency, openness and fairness. employees have the responsibility to protect Adecco from conduct that can threaten its day-to-day operations, its reputation and future business growth, or cause other harm.

Adecco is committed to fostering dialogue between management and employees through multiple channels. Supervisors are expected to maintain an environment that promotes open communication. Adecco’s goal is that employees will know where to turn when they have a question or concern about an actual or possible violation of Adecco’s Code of Conduct, an applicable law or regulation, or an Adecco policy, standard, business practice, manual or procedure (collectively, a “Business-Conduct Standard”).

Making a Report

There are multiple channels for making an inquiry or a report of an actual or possible violation of a Business-Conduct Standard. Employees may direct an inquiry or report to any of the following:

  • A supervisor or other member of management;
  • The human resources or legal departments;
  • Any member of the Group Compliance Reporting Office (the “GCRO”), Group Internal Audit or Group Function Integrity & Compliance departments;
  • The Adecco Compliance and Ethics (“ACE”) Line; or
  • Any member of the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG.

A report may also be directed specifically to any of the employees listed in the Annex to these guidelines.

The ACE Line

Adecco has established the ACE Line, a telephone and web resource, to assist employees with guidance or for making a report. Dialling instructions for calling the ACE Line may be found at The ACE Line is available anytime night or day. Translation services are also available. An online report may be made to the ACE Line.

If an employee calls the ACE Line, he/she will be asked to provide details of the incident or issue in the report. He/she will be asked to disclose his/her identity. An employee may decline to provide his/her identity, and Adecco will still accept the report. Adecco will accept anonymous reports, consistent with applicable law. However, employees should be advised (i) that the request for anonymity could hinder or even prevent an investigation (if one is warranted), and (ii) total anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Adecco also cannot assure anonymity if an employee identifies himself/herself to others or provides information in the report that is likely to identify himself/herself.

Reports to the ACE Line are considered carefully and handled confidentially. Additionally, third parties who are not employees are also invited to make a report by contacting the ACE Line.

Investigations of Reports

When a report is received, a preliminary assessment is made to determine whether an investigation is warranted. An investigation is warranted if there is a reasonable basis to believe that misconduct may have occurred. If an investigation is not warranted, the report may be referred to another department for handling.

The scope of an investigation and the steps taken are tailored to the nature of the report and the needs of the particular situation. Investigations are conducted objectively, professionally, efficiently, and completed in a timely manner. Investigations will be conducted according to Adecco’s Protocol for Conducting Investigations.

Information regarding an investigation or a report is confidential and disclosed only on a need-to-know basis or as necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations.

The GCRO maintains appropriate records to document the report, the nature of the allegation, the investigation, the findings and any corrective actions recommended. These documents are confidential and maintained according to Adecco’s document-retention guidelines.

Corrective action may be taken once the investigation is complete, if appropriate. While any action taken as a result of an investigation will necessarily vary depending on the situation, Adecco’s management should strive for consistency by utilizing sound practices and disciplinary protocols.

In some parts of the world, there are specific rules and restrictions regarding how a report may be made, if the report affects someone within that jurisdiction, or how the investigation may be conducted. Adecco complies with those rules and restrictions where applicable.

Additional Duties and Prohibitions

Adecco prohibits any form of retaliation, intimidation or disciplinary action against anyone who makes a report in good faith or participates in an investigation, even if it is ultimately concluded that no misconduct occurred. If an employee engages in retaliation or intimidation, he/she is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

If an employee makes a report involving his/her own misconduct, he/she will not be immune or otherwise protected from discipline or similar consequences.

If an employee makes a report that is not in good faith, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Employees are required to cooperate with an investigation. Employees must make themselves available to assist investigations immediately upon request, be fully forthcoming and truthful with investigators, and provide complete, accurate and truthful information. Employee cooperation includes producing and preserving any relevant documents in either hard-copy or electronic form.

If an employee attempts improperly to determine the identity of a reporter who makes an anonymous report, that employee may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Employees may not take any action that would be reasonably likely either to compromise the investigation or to affect negatively the status of anyone who may be involved in the investigation.

Consistent with applicable law, employees and third parties involved in the investigation, such as witnesses, must exercise appropriate discretion regarding the subject matter of the investigation. Similarly, anyone involved in the investigation must be careful to avoid communication, outside of the investigation process, of any information that may be construed as false, misleading, defamatory, or an invasion of privacy.


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