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Integrity and compliance are core principles at Adecco Group, who is committed to conducting its business affairs according to both the values stated in its Code of Conduct and the applicable laws and regulations in the places where the Group does business.

Adecco Group fosters an environment of open, honest communication, and encourages all stakeholders to raise their questions or concerns and to report suspected violations of law or company policy without fear of retaliation. Among the channels available for making an inquiry or a report of an actual or possible violation of a Business-Conduct Standard, the Adecco Compliance and Ethics Line (ACE Line) is open to colleagues, associates, candidates and clients, providers and other third parties. It assists any reporter to make written or phone reports, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with representatives who can consult in almost any holder image

All reports submitted are received directly by EthicsPoint and then routed to the Group Compliance Reporting Office of Adecco Group, who will ensure that each report is handled in a professional and confidential manner. The person submitting a report has the choice to do so anonymously.

The Group Compliance Reporting Office operates independently and reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Adecco Group AG.


Once the report received, the Group Compliance Reporting Office responds to the reporter, reviews the report and, if appropriate, refers the matter to an investigator for handling.

It is the Group’s aim to support managers implementing measures to stop misconduct and ensuring that the same kind of misconduct does not happen again, to settle an ethical workplace and to make sure that the company meets its legal obligations.

Adecco Group has a Policy on Integrity and Compliance Report Management which governs how reports should be made and addressed. This internal policy is available for review by Adecco Group colleagues.

Code of Conduct

The importance of work, and what Adecco Group is doing to help people find it, cannot be overstated. Work can define who we are. It can give purpose and meaning to our lives. It permits us to apply our talents to contribute to society. It is essential for our personal and financial well-being. It is the means by which we can each realise our dreams.

Adecco Group’s success in helping others realise their dreams is based upon the trust and loyalty they have in us. Trust and loyalty are the most precious assets in any business, but it cannot be bought or manufactured, it must be earned.

We at Adecco Group are dedicated to earning the trust and loyalty of our colleagues, associates, clients, customers, shareholders, the communities in which we operate, by performing our work in accordance with our Code of Conduct and our core values of Team Spirit, Customer Centricity, Passion, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.

The Code of Conduct can be downloaded using the link below:

Code of Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

Adecco Group established the Group Compliance Reporting Office to help ensure that the company operates according to high standards of integrity and compliance and in adherence to both legal obligations and established internal procedures. Following are a set of answers that have been developed to respond to frequently asked questions that may be raised about the ACE Line and Adecco Group.


Q: Where does the Code of Conduct apply?
A: The Code of Conduct applies in all countries where Adecco Group does business. All colleagues are subject to the laws and regulations of the locations where they work. Because Adecco Group is a global company, other laws may apply as well.

Q: Does management really want me to report?
A: It certainly does. In fact, management needs you to report. Either as a colleague or as an external stakeholder, you earn experience about what is going on in or with the company - both good and bad. You may have initial knowledge of an activity that may be cause for concern. Your reporting can minimize the potential negative impact on the company and its stakeholders.

What may I or should I report to the ACE Line?
A: You may report any actual or suspected violation of the law, of the Code of Conduct or of Adecco Group policies & procedures or any ethical concerns you may have.

Colleagues of Adecco Group should first consult with their manager or their department head: Contact your local human resources representative for help with issues relating to working conditions. Contact your local integrity and compliance or legal department if the matter involves questions of compliance with any legal, regulatory or government requirements.

For non-colleagues or if taking the preceding steps did not resolve the issue, or if you are reluctant to use one of the other resources, you can contact - through the ACE Line - the Adecco Group Compliance Reporting Office which is in charge of handling your report and of taking the necessary steps to further enter into the matter reported. The Group Compliance Reporting Office can also answer questions and respond to concerns about integrity and compliance, and the requirements described in the Code of Conduct.

Q: If I see a violation, shouldn't I just report it to my manager, human resources, Adecco contact (for external reporters) and let them deal with it?
A: You certainly can, but there are several reasons why you may want to use the ACE Line as well or alternatively. The ACE Line ensures that your report reaches the appropriate people. More importantly, subject to local legislation, reports can be filed anonymously and all report information is secure and held in confidence.

Q: What is a "whistleblower?"
A: A whistleblower is a person who provides information or raises a concern in good faith regarding suspected misconduct, mismanagement, waste of resources and/ or abuse of authority involving Adecco Group.

Q: How does Adecco Group protect a whistleblower?
A: Adecco Group recognizes its obligation to protect whistleblowers from being exposed to possible retaliation, or the fear of such consequences, as a result of raising concerns in good faith. There are three ways in which Adecco Group provides protection: (1) subject to local legislation, reporters may choose to remain anonymous when reporting suspected misconduct or raising concerns; (2) reporters may request to have their identities kept confidential during the investigative process; and (3) as a deterrent, Adecco Group expressly prohibits retaliation against any person who makes such a report in good faith.

Q: How does the ACE Line work?
A: If you submit a report online, the site will prompt you to provide the information that is required to investigate a concern. You will have the option to navigate the site in one of several languages. However, you may file your report in any language. You will have the choice to remain anonymous and your report will still be accepted, or to provide your name and contact details. Once you have completed your report, you will be provided with a Report Key, and you will be asked to create a Password. You can return to the site later for an update. At that time, we may need to pose questions back to you in order to investigate the matter further. You will need to enter both your Report Key and your Password.

If you submit a report by telephone, your call will be answered in English by a qualified call center specialist. Depending on the language in which you wish to conduct the conversation, the call center specialist will either continue with the call, transfer it to a colleague who is able to speak your language, or ask an interpreter to join the conversation. The ACE Line supports all languages.

Once a report is made to the ACE Line, details of the report are sent to the Group Compliance Reporting Office for follow up.

Q: Do I need to identify myself?
A: No, only if you wish. When you call the ACE Line, you may remain anonymous. No attempt is made to determine the number from which you are calling (Caller ID is disabled). We understand the value of complaints provided by individuals who wish to remain anonymous. We also understand the value of being able to contact those who make reports to ask for additional information or clarification of the issues. Often, additional information is necessary for a successful conclusion of an investigation. We encourage you to identify yourself although it is not required.

However, you are advised (i) that the request for anonymity could hinder or even prevent an investigation (if one is warranted), and (ii) total anonymity cannot be guaranteed. Adecco Group also cannot assure anonymity if a reporter identifies himself/ herself to others or provides information in the report that is likely to identify himself/ herself.

Q: Is the telephone toll-free hot line confidential and anonymous too?
A: Yes. You will be asked to provide the same information that you would provide in an Internet-based report and an interviewer will type your responses into the ACE Line Web site. These reports have the same security and confidentiality measures applied to them during delivery.

Q: When can I submit a report?
A: You can submit a report anytime, anywhere. The ACE Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, globally for both Internet and telephone reporting.

Q: What information should I be prepared to give?
A: Your report should tell us (1) what happened, (2) when it happened, (3) where it happened, (4) who was involved, (5) what was done and/or said, (6) whether there were any witnesses other than you, (7) where these other parties can be contacted, and (8) what documents may support your report. In order to protect the reputation and privacy rights of all parties, and to promote due process and the fairness of investigations, it is important that the information you provide be accurate and given in good faith.

Q: What if I want to be identified with my report?
A: There is a section in the report for identifying yourself, if you wish.

Q: Will I get into trouble if I report an ethical concern, or if I suspect someone of violating the Code of Conduct?
A: No. No. Adecco Group strictly prohibits retaliation, in any form, against anyone who reports in good faith any concern regarding integrity and compliance. Any suspected retaliation should be reported to the ACE Line. However, any employee who knowingly makes a false report might be subject to disciplinary action.

Q: As a colleague, do I have to participate in any investigation under the Code of Conduct?
A: Yes. You would be requested to cooperate in an investigation in accordance with your contractual and/ or employee obligations to the company.

Q: As a colleague, what are the consequences for violating the Code of Conduct?
A: Colleagues who violate the Code of Conduct, subject to local restrictions and guidelines, may be subject to disciplinary action. Those who violate the Code of Conduct may simultaneously violate applicable laws, regulations or policies. This may subject them to prosecution, imprisonment and fines, and they may be required to reimburse the company and others for losses.

Q: Does an investigation ever lead to the prosecution of someone?
A: If deemed necessary, Adecco Group will contact law enforcement authorities. Adecco Group supports, as a matter of principle, the criminal prosecution of those involved in criminal conduct, regardless of whether any restitution is paid. When appropriate, Adecco Group will also institute civil proceeding against violators.

Q: How will I know a violation has been corrected?
A: If appropriate, allegations will be investigated thoroughly. Depending on the complexity of the matter, it may take time to investigate. For confidentiality reasons, you will not necessarily be told the specifics of how a particular matter is being/ has been resolved. However, you will be notified when the report you submitted has been resolved.

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