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CBRE Ethics HelpLine

CBRE provides a confidential and anonymous method for you to ask questions and raise concerns about its Standards of Business Conduct - - the CBRE Ethics HelpLine. The CBRE Ethics HelpLine is operated 24/7 by EthicsPoint, an independent company.

You may file a report with EthicsPoint either by calling the toll-free number above and speaking with a trained specialist who will assist you with completing a questionnaire or, if you prefer, by making an online web report by clicking on one of the regions under “Make a Report” to the left. Either way, if you choose to remain anonymous, the report will not identify you. Of course, giving your name can often help us look into the matter, and CBRE has a no tolerance policy for retaliation for raising a concern under the Standards of Business Conduct or for reporting misconduct.

Once your report has been submitted, either by phone or online, you will be assigned a unique “report key” and password to enable further follow-up or questions. Your report is then forwarded to CBRE’s Chief Compliance Officer for follow-up on the matter. Reports raising issues regarding accounting, audit or internal control, or any other report covered by Section 301 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, will be routed directly to the Chair of the Company’s Audit Committee for investigation and follow-up.

CBRE will attempt to respond to your report very quickly. If an investigation is undertaken, we will look into the issue promptly and, whenever called for, see that corrective action is taken. CBRE will, where practicable and permissible, endeavor to keep the person reporting the issue apprised of the progress and outcome of the investigation.