Why should I Speak Up?

By raising your concern, it allows Spectris to make changes to ensure unethical behaviours do not continue. Unethical behaviour is anything that directly goes against our Values or our Code of Business Ethics.

How do I Speak Up?

The best way to Speak Up and raise concerns is via internal routes in the first instance if you feel comfortable doing so. We do appreciate that this might not always be the easiest option, so we offer both a Helpline and Web Portal by way of a 3rd party provider NAVEX, to assist you. NAVEX Global are an independent company who provide both our helpline and case management system EthicsPoint. They are contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do I have to reveal my name?

It helps us investigate an issue if you provide details of your name when you make a report. However, if you wish to remain anonymous then, subject to local laws, the Ethics & Compliance team can still communicate with you using the website while maintaining your anonymity. All Helpline cases are assessed by the Ethics & Compliance central team and an appropriate response and follow-up determined.