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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I report anonymously?
Yes, you may choose to remain anonymous, and the information you report will be kept confidential. If you choose to identify yourself, your identity will be kept confidential in a manner consistent with conducting a thorough and fair investigation.
What happens when I make a report?
Reports are entered directly on the secure third-party hosted NAVEX Global system to ensure confidentiality. NAVEX Global makes these reports available only to specific individuals who are responsible for investigating and resolving each report. Each of these report recipients is trained in keeping these reports confidential and is committed to ensure reports are not inadvertently shared with implicated parties, their peers or subordinates.
After reporting a concern through the Speak Up Line, you will be assigned a report ID and password. When you make a report, you will be asked to log in or call back within three to five business days to provide any additional information that may be needed from you during the investigation process. In this secure environment, you can provide answers to requests for more details or track progress. Your reports of unethical or illegal behaviors will be appropriately investigated. Where there has been a violation of the Code of Ethics or the law, appropriate disciplinary action may be taken by the employing company.
What types of situations or concerns should I report?
The Speak Up Line enables you to report any violation of the Code of Ethics or any other Ahold Delhaize companies' internal policy or external legal requirement. If you observe any misconduct or become aware of a situation that may involve a violation of the Code of Ethics or other Ahold Delhaize companies' internal policies or external legal requirement, you have a responsibility to report the issue. You are encouraged to Speak Up as soon as possible so that the situation can be promptly addressed before it escalates.

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