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Welcome to the Electronic Arts Reporting Line

If you believe that a violation of the law or EA’s policies or Global Code of Conduct has occurred or you have a concern about potential misconduct, you may use this Reporting Line to make a report. EA takes every concern seriously.

Please only report unethical or illegal activities. Do not use the Reporting Line to air grievances or address issues that are better handled by management, HR or Legal.

Report a Concern by Phone:

To report a concern by phone, CLICK HERE for dialing instructions for your country.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who may report a concern?

Any employee or non-employee worker, contractor or worker at EA may report a concern related to a potential misconduct or violation of the law or EA’s policies or Global Code of Conduct. Please note: Some countries may have restrictions on which types of issues are available for reporting through this site. However, reporting is still available by contacting HR, Legal or a member of the management team.

For customer concerns, EA does not respond through this Reporting Line. In order to ensure a consistent experience for our players, the appropriate place to report concerns relating to accounts, game issues, billing and other inquiries is EA’s Customer Help Center, where you can get help from an Advisor. You can access the site 24 hours a day at

For concerns relating to competition law or consumer matters in Australia, employees, directors or shareholders can make reports (anonymously, if desired) which will automatically be directed to the Australian Compliance Officer and/or the Australian Legal Counsel.

What details should I include?

    Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name
  • The details of your concern
  • When you first became aware of the situation
  • When and where you think this occurred (dates and locations)
  • Additional details you think may be useful

May I report my concern anonymously?

While we encourage you to identify yourself in your report to help us better investigate your concern, in all countries except those which prohibit anonymous reporting, you may report your concern anonymously. If you choose to make your report anonymously, you will be provided with a report key and asked to create a password. You will need to retain these to return to the report you previously submitted. When you check back, you can monitor the progress on your concern and add additional information, if necessary. This will also allow EA to ask follow-up questions, while protecting your anonymity.

What happens after I submit my report?

An objective team from EA will conduct a prompt investigation and will take appropriate actions based on the findings. We maintain the confidentiality of information submitted via the Reporting Line and it will only be shared with those necessary to conduct an adequate investigation and take any action. All individuals named in your report will be informed a report has been made but your name or identity will not be revealed to them.

If you raise a concern you genuinely believe to be true, we will ensure that raising this concern won’t be used against you.

Additional Commonly Asked Questions