Kia Safety Over Silence

Kia America is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. To further promote this organizational culture, Kia’s Safety Over Silence (SOS) was developed for our valued members and affiliates to play a vital role in making Kia an automobile manufacturer with safety our highest priority. As we are constantly improving vehicle safety through technology and quality, Kia’s SOS program was created to achieve this goal and maintain it. SOS was created for team members to easily, quickly and confidently, report potential safety concerns through this site.

As you submit a report, you will have the option to identify yourself by providing your contact information or remain anonymous. Although anonymity is available, we would like to encourage you to identify yourself to expedite any additional communication which may be required by our engineers during their investigation, resulting in quicker resolutions, and ultimately help avoid other team members and our consumers from experiencing the same potential safety concern sooner.

Kia will investigate each claim thoroughly and promptly and with discretion (in as confidential a manner as is possible under the circumstances). Kia will not retaliate against any team member who in good faith reports a safety concern or cooperates in an investigation and does not tolerate or permit retaliation by management, supervisors, or coworkers.