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UNT System Administration

Trust Line

Our Commitment to Excellence

The UNT System's commitment to excellence demands a culture of ethical, honest, and lawful decision making and conduct. The System Administration demonstrates this commitment with its Trust Line; a third-party service that allows employees and other individuals a way to turn ethics into action by reporting suspected noncompliance with laws, rules, regulations, and policies.

Anonymous Reporting

The Trust Line, operated by EthicsPoint, allows anonymous reporting. It does not track the identity of individuals who make reports online or by telephone, and individuals do not have to provide a name or contact information.

EthicsPoint receives the report and assigns the individual a Report Key (a code that is unique to each report). The report is forwarded to the System Administration Compliance & Ethics Program for resolution, which can include an investigation. The Compliance & Ethics Program will communicate with anonymous reporters through the Report Key should additional information be necessary, and to provide the reporter periodic updates.

When making a report via the Trust Line, we encourage individuals who wish to remain anonymous to provide as much information as possible, and to monitor the Trust Line in the event the Compliance & Ethics Program needs additional information to resolve or investigate the concern. So, individuals should keep track of the assigned Report Key and the chosen password until the concern is resolved.

The Trust Line is not an emergency reporting service. Individuals with concerns about immediate threat to life, safety or property should call 911 or a local law enforcement office.

Visit the Trust Line FAQs for more information about how the anonymous reporting service works.

Confidentiality & Protection against Retaliation

State law makes information that directly or indirectly reveals the identity of individuals who report suspected wrongdoing, participate in a compliance investigation, or seek guidance from the Compliance & Ethics Program confidential.

The Compliance & Ethics Program and the System Administration are committed to protecting the anonymity and confidentiality of individuals who use the Trust Line and other vehicles to report suspected wrongdoing and noncompliance, and to protecting these individuals against retaliation.

We invite you to contact the System Administration Office of Compliance & Ethics with questions about compliance, ethics, reporting suspected wrongdoing, non-retaliation or about the UNT System's commitment to a culture of ethical decision-making, conduct and compliance:

Steven Hill, UNT System Administration Director of Compliance & Ethics
Phone: (940) 565-2156