To Make a Report

Or By Phone:

Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Wake Forest University maintains a confidential reporting line that is available 24/7 for you to report any concerns you have about integrity at Wake Forest – without fear of retaliation.

Our University is an institution that aspires to high standards and a depth of moral character. Our code of conduct, Design for Excellence, outlines our commitment to one another and our institution as we cultivate a professional environment that upholds our reputation of excellence in our work and research.

Recommended Process for Addressing Concerns

Have you observed, or become aware of, unethical behavior or a possible violation of laws, regulations, or University policy? It is your responsibility under the spirit of Pro Humanitate to address the issue and better our environment. You should consider which corrective approach works best for you.

  1. Review relevant policies for further guidance or seek Departmental assistance.

  2. Contact your department chair or supervisor for guidance about your concern OR report your concern to the Office of the Dean or the Office of Human Resources.

  3. If you wish to remain anonymous, or if all avenues have been exhausted and you have not received a sufficient response, submit a report to the Anonymous Reporting Hotline.

Whether you call or use the weblink, the EthicsPoint intake process is guaranteed to be totally confidential and anonymous unless you actively choose to provide your contact information. You have our commitment that your comments will be heard and investigated.

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.