The University has established an anonymous Ethics and Compliance Hotline, independently administered by the third-party provider EthicsPoint, to allow for anonymous and confidential reporting of activities that may involve improper conduct or violations of law or Boston University policies as further described below. Reports will be investigated promptly by the University in accordance with university protocols with the objective of addressing any improper conduct or violations that are identified.

This anonymous, confidential reporting is designed specifically for concerns and complaints relating to the following types of issues:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Code of Ethical Conduct Matters
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Financial Matters
  • Research
  • Student Safety
  • Other

This hotline is not a substitute for, nor does it supersede, any existing reporting methods or protocols for handling concerns and complaints. If you would like to report your concern to Boston University directly and are uncertain how to begin, contact the Compliance Services Office (; 617-358-8090) or refer to the Compliance Services website for more assistance.

  How to make a report through this Ethics and Compliance Hotline:
report a corcern image You may file a report through this web site.
  call to make a report image   You may file a report by telephone through the EthicsPoint Call Center by dialing toll-free 1-866-294-8451.
  make a report in writing image   You may submit a report in writing to the following address: Boston University, C/O EthicsPoint, PO Box 230369, Portland, OR 97223.
  This reporting hotline is not appropriate for:
  • Emergencies or immediate threats to life or property.
    If you require emergency assistance, call 911, the Boston University Police Department at 617-353-2121
    (website:, or your local authorities.
  • Human resources matters, including issues concerning employment-related discrimination or harassment.
    Matters of this nature usually cannot be fully and appropriately addressed when the complainant chooses to remain anonymous. To report concerns of this nature, please contact Human Resources, the Equal Opportunity Office, or the Office of the Provost.
  • Spam, phishing emails, or other information technology incidents
    Please report these incidents directly to IS&T by sending an email to
  • False reporting
    The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is not appropriate for reports made in bad faith, including those that are knowingly false, or made with reckless disregard for or in willful ignorance of facts that would tend to disprove the allegation.

After You File a Report:

If you file a report through the BU Ethics and Compliance Hotline managed by EthicsPoint, you are encouraged to return to this website and select ‘Follow Up on a Report’ or call back the Call Center after ten (10) business days if you reported by phone. The University may have information for you regarding your report or may request additional information from you that is necessary to complete the investigation. In all cases, your report will remain anonymous unless you have chosen to provide your identity when you report or have provided it through other channels. In accordance with the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct section on ‘Non-Retaliation and Whistleblower Protection’, no retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential violations of law or Boston University policies, or for seeking guidance with respect to suspected violations. Messages are posted to the reporter when a case is closed.

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