Welcome to Staples EthicsLink!
This helpline supplements local reporting channels, giving you another easy, confidential way to SPEAK UP, openly or anonymously, in your native language. All reports are forwarded to Staples' Ethics Office for review and investigation. Staples is obligated to investigate any and all allegations of wrongdoing. Staples does not tolerate any punishment or negative actions against associates for making good faith complaints. For more information, read the Staples EthicsLink FAQ.

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How does Staples handle reports to Staples EthicsLink?

The Ethics Office monitors every helpline report to make sure it is handled appropriately. Key steps typically include
Associate submits report
Helpline company notifies Staples' Ethics Office
Staples' Ethics Office reviews / assigns report
Staples looks into the issues
Staples follows up, as appropriate
Please check the status of your report after 5 business days and provide additional details if necessary.

Toll-free Calling Instructions:

Dial 1-866-294-6446 to call from the U.S. and Canada. Click here to learn how to call from outside North America.