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Retaliation is Prohibited

3M does not tolerate retaliation for asking a question, making a report in good faith, or participating in an investigation.

Retaliation is any negative consequence that you experience as a result of making a report, participating in an investigation, or asking a question. This might include being inappropriately demoted, getting an unfairly negative performance evaluation, or receiving an unjustified reduction in your bonus or pay. It can also include more subtle actions, like being intentionally left out of important projects or meetings.

A good faith report is one that you believe to be true and that contains all the information you have—even if it is later determined that you were mistaken. If you think you have experienced or witnessed retaliation, contact one of the resources listed below. By reporting retaliation, you are taking a stand for ethics and integrity in our workplace and making 3M a better place to work.

3M has a Non-Retaliation Policy that applies globally to all employees and to all non-employees on assignment at 3M.

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