Micron’s success is built on continuous innovation. That success is only possible with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. To be at our best, we must ensure a safe and respectful work environment. Micron is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and to a culture in which our stakeholders are willing to speak up when they observe conduct inconsistent with Micron’s values.

Any individual wishing to express a good faith concern or report a suspected violation of Micron’s Policies, Values or Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is encouraged to do so here. Regardless of how you choose to voice a concern, you can rest assured that it will be addressed appropriately. Micron is committed to our “speak up” culture, where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and raising concerns. For internal Team Members, please refer to the Corporate Compliance or Respectful Workplace sites for more information.

Micron has zero tolerance for retaliation against any Team Member who raises a compliance issue or concern in good faith.